Stylish Side Tables

Posted by Isabelle Salter on

Some people find interior styling really easy, they’re the lucky ones! It can be really difficult understanding what to put together to create a cohesive look for your room. Often it’s the little details which pull a look together, and so today we’re going to look at side tables, showing how they can be used in different rooms in your home. 

Art Deco Glamour

Art Deco is a modern art and design movement which first appeared in France in the 1920s, but is best known in the styling of the first skyscrapers in New York. The Empire State Building is a beautiful example of Art Deco architecture, and has all the typical features of the movement. Art Deco was all about glamour and luxury, with the use of mirrored surfaces, chrome and highly polished woods rampant in Art Deco styling. But how do you apply this style to your home? 

For your living room, choose a bold patterned wallpaper with a geometric shape, the ‘fan’ shape is very typical of the style, and a deep background with a metallic pattern is timelessly stylish. Add to this a statement floor lamp in chrome, preferably tucked in next to a luxurious rounded club chair, or chesterfield sofa - imagine yourself sipping a glass of scotch from a cut glass tumbler. Tres chic. Finally add in a Sphere Mirror End Table (£369) either side of your sofa. Typically Art Deco with its combination of glass, chrome and clean lines. It’s gorgeously lavish and perfect for this style. 

Farmhouse Fabulous

From one end of the style spectrum to the other, if home comforts are more your thing, then you’ll be looking for a rustic, farmhouse look for your home. You don’t need to live on a farm to get this style but there are some pretty simple tips to follow to make your home look as though you do!

Natural materials are a must have in any rustic home, from wooden floors and butcher-block work surfaces, to knitted cushions and blankets. Your furnishings should look and feel made by hand for that truly authentic style. Open shelving is another classic styling feature of farmhouses, somewhere to show off your decorative ceramics.

Colour-wise, walls should remain fairly neutral but don’t be afraid of adding in muted tones such as duck egg blue, teal and soft yellow. 

The perfect side table to go with this style is our side table from the Byland Collection (£230). It suits any farmhouse interior, with its painted wood base in a warm grey colour, and natural wood top. 


What is Japandi? It’s a fairly new hybrid style which has been around for about three years. A cross between the two famously minimalist and highly stylish tastes of Japan and Scandinavia; the two locations might be thousands of miles apart, but they compliment each other really well. The Japanese elements bring minimalism and the Scandi elements bring that uniquely Nordic sense of ‘hygge’.

This style uses a lot of wood, metal and ceramic, with nice, simple, clean lines. It’s a really timeless look, and feels incredibly ‘zen’, so would be perfect for a bedroom. Combining a futon-style bed, with a gorgeous woolen throw, and our side tables from our Loft Collection (£215), and there you have a relaxing nighttime haven.  

Boho Chic

Want to feel like you’re a hippy chick from days gone by? Then the boho style is one you’ll love. Unlike Japandi, boho is a style where more is more! Why have one rug when you can have three? Can’t decide which cushion to have? Get them all!

Every boho home needs a fabulously comfy sofa with an added patterned throw, perfect for snuggling up in front of the TV or with a good book. What is also essential, is lots and lots and lots of houseplants! Plants increase the oxygen flow in your room which reduces stress and boosts your mood. They also look gorgeous. A key tip for creating a really cool look, is to have your plants on different surfaces, so get some larger plants to go directly on the floor, place some smaller ones on window sills or fireplaces, and finally place medium-size plants on vintage-looking side tables - such as our Antique Gold Tray with Stand (£99).

These are just a few suggestions for your home, but we actually have a huge selection of side tables which suit any style of home. Don’t forget to tag us in any pics you take of your Briq products - @briqfurniture.